ETF Festive Get Together Sunday 29th December

The Holiday Season is fast approaching and you will all be spending time with your family’s , but make sure you spend at least one night with your etf gaming family , were aiming for Sunday the 28th Dec as some of you celebrate the holidays at different times , if we can get games before that then so much the better , but please confirm your attendance for a good night of ETF

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ETF Unyielding

Ktz has made a most amazing ETF movie , Dragging us into 2013/14 with a bang!

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ETF Hibernation Period Coming to a end.

As the summer draws to a close , the dark nights appear , colder, wet, cold weather takes a grip across the world , we all huddle infront of our PC’s Macs, Laptops ready to play some more ETF hopefully.

Most of us have been on holiday , trips, partys, family  gatherings , some of us have also had some Birthdays Plajaa, Toes and Xeh to name but three.

Hopefully deep down in your hearts your love of ETF will show again for some more games , and fingers crossed we should be able to try and get the 8v8 games back on sunday nights.

Who knows maybe Ensiform might have mellowed and have finished a map or two , maybe KaOs will have finish Anarchy or maybe fiend in his underground lair might have been busy and done some mapping , if not the same  list of overplayed maps is waiting for you as ever.

Hopefully we can change things maybe have some 1 flag rounds to spice life into the older maps , I know they say if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it , but it doesn’t hurt trying.

Anyway Dust off your ETF Folders , in certain peoples cases create new binds (but remember you can disable them on your own pc) and get back and idle in IRC


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Ago Stats Source Code Now Available

Ago Pook has uploaded the AGOSTATS source code to GitHub.

This may be of use to some people


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Lifi’s ETF Server Back Up

Good News Everyone!!

Lifi’s ETF Server is back up and now ready to use. pw timeout 

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Proper Justice for Andrew Beach (Redneck)

Finally we hope justice can be served for our dear friend Redneck who was killed in a car accident  on July 20th 2012 The below statment is taken from Justice for Andrew Beach group on Facebook run by his Father Herman Beach 

“We want to confirm that Gerald Larkin Gibbs was booked into the Madison County Jail yesterday afternoon June 18, 2013 and was charged with Murder. Thank you all for your support. The justice system can never make up for the loss of our son but we take some solace in the fact that the act that took Andrew’s life has been viewed as a serious matter by our state and community and has resulted in a charge and arrest of Gerald Gibbs for murder.

The Alabama Highway Patrol conducted a completely professional and exhaustive investigation of the crime that resulted in Andrew’s death. We hold these officers in our highest regard. We have a great deal of respect for District Attorney Robert Broussard and feel fortunate to have such a capable and respected District Attorney to represent Andrew. We are confident that the case will be prosecuted as effectively as it can be whatever the Jury ultimately decides. Andrew is missed every moment of every day. As we look ahead we think of conducting our lives in a way that will be an honor to him. Thank you again for your support. We will keep you informed of future developments.”

Herman and Holly Beach

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ETF Gather Server Changes June 1st

From the 1st of June 2013 , our main etf server will be closing down , due to the fact that the company who runs it for us will be closing its doors permanently, therefore our backup server run by Zero who helps us out with the ETFgather and FortressBots will be the main etf server.

From the 1st of june please amend your etf browsers and connect to PW: gather999

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